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Dinghy Sailing Catamaran Windsurf SUP


There is no better place to get introduced to the beautiful world of sailing.

Thermaikos Gulf has excellent conditions both for novice and advanced sailors especially in summer when the local sea breeze is present.

Contact us to recommend which activity suits you best.

Dinghy Sailing Course

Sailing is a wonderful sport  anyone can do.

Children, teenagers, youngsters, adults, and whole families, irrespective of their age, sex, built or level of fitness, can learn how to sail, enjoying the perfect sailing conditions of Thermaikos gulf.

Using ISAF recommended equipment and following the RYA guidelines, our experienced staff introduced hundreds satisfied visitors to the sailing experience.  The course targets to teach the student to sail comfortably on his own with minimum supervision. 

After the introductory course, you can choose a day or a monthly membership.


Cross Sailing – Tacking – Trimming

Upwind – Downwind – Gybing

Stopping – Starting – Safe position

Getting in and out of water


  • Meteorology
  • Righting boat

Target: Sailing with supervision

Price: 240€

Windusurfing Course

Windsurfing is easier that you think!

In just 4 lessons you get to sail on your own with minimum supervision.

This is because we are using modern specialized equipment that turns windsurfing into an easy and fun sport.

After the course you can choose to sail as much as you like with a monthly or day membership. Once ready you can jump to the intermediate course for more wind, speed and fun!

We provide the equipment, life jacket and wetsuit

Introductory Course

Practice:     8 hours (4- 2-hour lessons)

  • Balance, standing
  • Steering
  • Tacking – Gybing
  • Self Rescue


  • Meteorology
  • Self rescue

Target: Sailing with supervision

Advanced Course

Practice:     8 hours (4- 2-hour lessons)

  • Rigging
  • Tacking – Gybing
  • Beach start
  • Pumping
  • Hook introduction
  • Approaching the beach


  • Basic trimming
  • Meteorology

Target: Rigging boat, sailing without supervision

Price 240

Catamaran Course

Cat sailing is probably the most fun aspect of sailing.

We use simple, stable and fast boats making it worth the try. There is the option of a single handed boat or two handed.

After the course you can choose a monthly or day membership and sail as much as you want or go to the next level.


4 two-hour lessons

  • Introduction
  • Tacking – Gybing
  • Stoping – starting
  • Approach beach


  • Cat theory
  • Capsizing

Target: rigging the boat, controlling the boat

Price  300

Stand Up Paddle Course

Stand Up Paddling is a fun workout!

You paddle while standing on a board. By definition this requires rhythm and balance using every muscle of your body. All these while enjoying the sea and not in a gym.

The Nature is something we all miss and need to return to. It help us relax and regain optimism.

Anyone can try it, after just one lesson you can paddle away from the city!


1 two hour lesson

Price 40 €

Windsurf Academy

The sea is on of the best habits you can build for your child.

Our academy takes place in Spring and Autumn for children age 12-14.

At the same time parents are encouraged to join them or have a YOGA class at the club.


Every Sunday 10:00 – 11:30

Price 60 euro/month

Frequently Asked Questions

A wetsuit is provided. You need to bring a swimming suit, a towel and a T-shirt. In summer a hat and a long-sleeve is necessary.

Non slippery shoes are recommended.

You can choose to sail as much as you like with a monthly or a day membership. 

Yes, always. Don’t worry it is provided.

Yes! We have boats for the whole family, you can choose to sail with an instructor or on your own but always with a safety boat present.


No, just come, a boat is waiting for you!

Yes, contact us, we can do 1 on 1 lessons at your own time.

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