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River Street, Blue Building
5690-970 New York City
+1 234 567 890
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Topper Sailboats Greece

Sailing Time is the official distributor of Topper Sail Boats Ltd. in Greece.

The range is designed by Ηowlett, White και Loday olympic gold medalists, designers of -among others AMERICAS CUP boats.

Built Quality

Topper has over 30 years of experience, the largest moulding machines in the world, trilamwith the ability to make the largest sailing boats of their type.

As can be seen from the photo on the right, the lines between the differant layers are straight, this is where Topper excel. This is extremely important as without this, strength would be compromised in different areas of the hull and therefore negating one of the main advantages of a modern TRILAM hull, robustness and strength.

The speed and heat at which the mould is rotated ensures a consistency of material thickness at both first and last layer. However, the middle layer, the honeycomb core, is slightly thicker at possible points of impact to guarantee hull integrity.

Before considering buying a sailing dinghy check carefully what you are getting for your money, in particular: Hull quality & design, number of features, quality and spec of fittings and sails. Once you have considered all these you will understand the quality, along with the up to date and advanced designs, plus the truly outstanding value of the Topaz Range of sailing dinghies.

Topper has mastered, where others have been struggling with the very important subject of the consistency of hull uniformity.

This is the balance between weight and strength, but more importantly the designed consistency of wall thickness throughout the hull (to check this open an inspection hatch to view), therefore consistent strength throughout.

Also important is having the right high density inner foam sandwich, without which accidental collisions can create a series of dings throughout the outer hull surface and not being able to reform.

Note: There are some single layer plastic designs on the market which are known to have the disadvantages of high weight, low hull buoyancy if drain plug accidentally left out, low ability for hull to reform after a major ding, Lower hull speed and hull warping due to lack of trilam hull strength and rigidity.

The quality of the plastic used is a very important factor which has a direct bearing on how well the boat sails and promotes a stiff and fast hull also cutting down on surface abrasions, to test push thump nail into the outer surface, if it goes in it will be cheap industrial plastic (usually described under a fancy name).


Also look for moulding blemishes on the hull and holes along any seams which are potential areas of weakness. You will find none of the above weaknesses on the market leading Topper Topaz range, renowned as being the market leader, and for good reason.

Unlike fiberglass, which can be very easily damaged, plastic will take far harder use. The glass hull will absorb water if not properly repaired, therefore adding weight and slowing it down, making it uncompetitive in racing.

Because of this, a used Topaz hull will be as fast as a new one a great many years down the line, making the resale value that much better than glass, plus it won’t have all those telltale signs of patch up repairs of years gone by.

The picture shows the shiny surface of high quality TRILAM Polyethylene thermoplastic.
You will not be able to find this level of quality in any other plastic sailboat in today’s market.

Topper Sailboats - Sailing Time New & used boats for sale.