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Topaz Uno

Topaz sailing dinghy

Topaz is the most versatile sailing system ever.

The TOPAZ Sailing System delivers versatility without compromise with a breathtaking range of rig options from simple singlehander right through to new generation gennaker sailing. Topaz can be sailed by every member of the family; together or apart. Simply choose a rig to satisfy the sailor or sailors on the day.


The TOPAZ UNO PLUS is the most popular rig option and one of the very best sellers amongst the Topper International range. The UNO PLUS offers great value as a simple one or two person boat. It is easy to handle and very robust and provides a great introduction to sailing as well as being an ideal family multi-purpose dinghy.

The huge curvaceous self-draining cockpit is deep and safe providing more space than any other boat. There is comfortable room for two – an onboard instructor or you and a friend. The additional buoyancy required by the Sailing System and a higher freeboard than on competitors designs ensures that two people can enjoy perfect sailing without the boat taking on water over the transom or the bow nosediving.


The Topaz UNO RACE has been designed for the more adventurous singlehanded sailor who demands that extra bit of performance. She is everything you want from a hiking singlehander. The UNO RACE is sensationally fast and are in total control. Painstaking development mean that the UNO RACE is powerful and responsive yet unbelievably easy to sail. Rigging remains simple, the only alterations to the UNO rig are a powerful sail and a high-tech extra-length rudder blade.

The larger 6.9 square metre Mylar mainsail is fully battened and a fuller sail shape cranks up the speed whilst retaining controllability. The sleek epoxy racing rudder blade offers low drag and added control to enable you to enjoy all of that extra power.

  • Race X

 The latest edition to the comprehensive stable of Topaz sailing system rigs. The Topaz Race X adds a new and exciting option for singlehanded or two crew sailing. The power source is a large but controllable fully battened 6.9m2 mylar main sail and a big race jib. But the icing on the cake for this little pocket rocket comes in the shape of a full-on 9.0m2 asymmetric gennaker.

The gennaker system is supremely efficient and even young sailors can raise or lower the gennaker on a single line launch as smoothly as the professionals.

You can always keep the powerful gennaker under wraps until you are ready to unleash the ultimate adrenalin rush. But once you’ve experienced the power and control the Race X provides with kite up you won’t want to miss out ever again.

  •  Tres

 The Topaz Tres is large enough to offer thoroughbred performance, yet easily handled by lightweights and young sailors. The TRES will inspire confidence in those who are new to high performance sailing. The secret is the perfect combination of power and control – The Topaz TRES is the ultimate first trapeze sailboat.

The powerful battened main and ample gennaker provides bags of excitement and performance without spoiling the concept of user friendliness by going over the top. Sail and rig positions are perfectly positioned and easy to adjust. The large and uncluttered self-draining cockpit provide a spacious and stable platform for helm and crew.

In high winds the mainsail reefing system is a welcome feature and the option of a furling jib means that the TRES can be transformed into a singlehander in minutes. A quick pull on the single-line gennaker system launch and the TRES takes off with blistering acceleration. Yet the loads on the gennaker can easily be managed by young sailors even in a big breeze.

Even though the TRES may well be seen as the perfect introduction to high performance sailing it has many years of progression built-in. For most crews there may well never be a need to move on.


The unique Trilam construction means the TOPAZ is virtually maintenance free. There is even a three-year hull warranty for total peace of mind. Ian Howlett’s legendary design skills have made the Topaz a safe, user-friendly boat that can be sailed by children and adults of all sizes and abilities.

Light weight is a major factor in the Topaz’s popularity. Easy to pop on top of the car or stow on our easy to use combination trailers, the boat is a perfect club racer and complement to any family weekend or holiday.

ConstructionTRILAM Polyethelene

Choice of rig option to suit single handed or two crew combinations of any size, age, ability.

Spacious and comfortable cockpit. More than enough room for two adults.

The UNO PLUS or UNO RACE are fantastic choices for entry level sailors and families.

 High quality fixtures and fittings.

 Very robust, ultra tough, maintenance free TRILAM construction


Topaz Range

Topaz Uno Sailing Boat - Sailing Time Dinghy